Diabetes Risk Score Calculator

Diabetes Risk Score calculator is a tool used to assess an individual’s risk of developing diabetes. It is designed to estimate the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes based on various risk factors such as age, weight, height, family history of diabetes, physical activity level, and blood pressure. By inputting relevant information into the calculator, … Read more

NHS Alcohol Unit Calculator

Alcohol Unit Calculator is a tool provided by the NHS (National Health Service) that helps individuals determine the number of units of alcohol they consume based on the type and quantity of alcoholic beverages they consume. The calculator is designed to promote responsible drinking habits and raise awareness about the potential health risks associated with … Read more

NHS Blood Pressure Calculator

Blood Pressure Calculator

NHS Blood Pressure Calculator assesses your blood pressure level based on your systolic and diastolic readings. It categorizes your blood pressure into different ranges (normal, high-normal, hypertension) and provides guidance on the recommended next steps. Understanding NHS Calculator and Chart Blood pressure is a measure of the force exerted by blood against the walls of … Read more

NHS Healthy Weight Calculator

NHS Healthy Weight Calculator helps you determine a healthy weight range based on your height, age, and sex. It provides an indication of the weight range that is considered healthy for you, promoting overall well-being.